Tūranga is a flagship public facility for the Christchurch City Council and so a key requirement for the design of the building and all services within it was to exhibit ‘Civic Quality’. Whilst the quality of the overall solution was a prime focus, the services design also needed to maximise value and contribute positively to the overall cost effectiveness and success of the project. In close coordination with the wider design team, Powell Fenwick produced a design which gives due consideration to the best balance of these requirements.

The electrical design includes a very modern, energy efficient lighting solution which is well integrated with and compliments the striking architectural form of the building, strategically highlighting key features. The mechanical design includes high efficiency ground source artesian heat pump heating and cooling systems with heat recovery. An intelligent control system integrating controls for electrical and mechanical services with window blinds etc. further enhances the functionality and energy efficiency. The design also includes a bespoke solution for flexible delivery of power and data services across an open floor plan, without the use of recessed floor boxes or the expense of a raised floor. Other services including security & CCTV, high end audio-visual systems and extensive wireless access points are also integrated into the design.

For this project we were working for Southbase (the Design Build Contractor) as part of their design team. We are often selected by Design Build Contractors for large projects, such as Tūranga and the PPP3 Schools Project, which demonstrates their appreciation of the quality of our design and documentation and our pro-active approach to working with contractors and sub-contractors.

This project won the Supreme Award at the 2019 Property Council Awards.

Tūranga also won the over $50m project category in the first "Building Information Modelling" - BIM -  awards run by the Registered Master Builders Association in 2019.