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MainPower Stadium, Rangiora

A pivotal project for North Canterbury sports
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A new Rangiora stadium gives North Canterbury residents the best in sporting design right on their doorstep.

Powell Fenwick undertook engineering design for the mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and civil engineering services for Waimakariri District Council’s MainPower Stadium. Tailored to indoor sports teams, gym goers and community users, the 6,000m2 complex proffers sports courts, fitness facility, changing rooms, coaching and meeting spaces in addition to seating for up to 500 spectators.

The sports court is multi-use and future-proofed in its design with the ability to host seated community events and functions, in addition to its primary function hosting sports events. It accommodates both competition-level and televised sports – a rare occurrence in a community facility – with our team designing infrastructure to enable specialist television service installation.

Electrical systems are multi-purpose and include integrated sports court technology with motorised basketball hoops and curtains, score boards, glory cam (sports video recording) and court dividers.

Climate control maximises passive cooling opportunities to reduce energy consumption, while maintaining occupant comfort in peak summer with heating and ventilation tailored to the variety of spaces. Extensive energy modelling of the sports court ensures the client’s thermal criteria is maintained.

Gym and separate group fitness areas maximise free cooling opportunities with increased ventilation rates, supplemented by heat pump systems to maintain thermal comfort. An interactive group fitness system, Prama, showcases coloured lighting and shapes – adding fun and flair to each workout.

Peak domestic hot water requirements have been carefully considered for sporting events with a booster pump installed. This ensures adequate pressure is maintained when the facility is at its busiest!

Provision for Photovolatic panels were incorporated to supplement the electrical network, which gives the option of installing these to assist with sustainability objectives. Rainwater harvesting is also utilised for irrigation and onsite stormwater disposal.

The stadium has since won the Gold Award in the Altus Window Systems Tourism and Leisure Project category of the New Zealand Commercial Project Awards.

Gold 2022
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