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Te Kura Whakatipu O Kawarau - Hanley’s Farm School

A remarkable project achieved to tight timeframe
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A Queenstown primary and intermediate school was fast-tracked to get the new buildings ready in time for the new 2022 school year.

Powell Fenwick provided mechanical, electrical, fire, hydraulic and acoustic engineering services for the design and build project, Te Kura Whakatipu O Kawarau – Hanley’s Farm School, which includes a two-storey teaching block, two single storey blocks, an administration wing and a communal hall. The final design allows space for an additional teaching block to be constructed later as the roll growth expands.

The large-scale project was notably completed to a very tight timeframe. Our team’s input during design and construction was over a period of only 17 months, including challenges related to COVID-19.

To achieve this timeframe, our teams worked closely alongside the rest of the design team and Southbase Construction, with regular communications and fortnightly meetings to spearhead issues and resolve these early throughout the design phase. We also provided support to Southbase to assist in delivering construction in a record time of under 12 months – meaning the school was ready for its highly anticipated 2022 term one opening.

Design was tailored to ensure comfort of the buildings throughout the diverse environmental conditions seen in the lower South Island: from scorching hot to sub-zero temperatures.

Heat recovery ventilation was included in all the teaching spaces to provide consistent and energy efficient fresh air supply to the students and staff, while passive solar design principles with significant natural daylighting maximise efficiencies and comfort. Additional energy efficiencies across the expansive site included LED lighting with motion sensors, Solar PV and heat pumps.

The open plan nature of the classrooms meant these spaces needed to adhere to strict DQLS acoustic requirements. Internal construction ratings for doors, windows and walls were pivotal to achieve this, and our team’s extensive experience in acoustic design of open plan schools was drawn upon throughout. Modelling of mechanical plant also measured its noise in proximity to nearby residents, with plywood screening adopted as the sound barrier of choice.

The result is an award-winning school which ensures a vital education facility for the growing Hanley’s Farm subdivision. It benefits not only the young families, but also the wider community and is used for a variety of other activities such as school holiday and sporting programmes.

National Category 2023 Gold 2023
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