How we hire

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We want to get to know you, and make sure you get to know us.

We like to understand what makes you tick. We look for technical ability, personality and potential.

Your recruitment experience with PFC may be both formal and informal. You can expect to meet the Head of the Department you’re looking to join, a Director, or our General Manager. We’ll assess your technical ability and understanding. It’s highly likely we’ll meet more than once, and we’ll keep you up to speed with what’s happening throughout the process.

Our best advice to you if you’re interested in joining the team… relax. Be yourself, and put your best foot forward on the road towards a fun and rewarding career with PFC

“I really value the flexibility, the supportive environment, and my team – when we’re working, we work seriously, and when we have fun, we do that properly too. It’s just a really fun company to be a part of”

Operations Support, 1 year at PFC