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Our Civil team has a strong track record delivering designs which are compliant, functional and sympathetic to each unique landscape. We’ll ensure all your civil design needs are covered at the outset with a smooth, coordinated process.

We use a variety of techniques to provide the best practice stormwater quality outcomes, which satisfy both clients and councils. Systems can include swales, rain gardens or Proprietary Treatment Systems in a treatment train. This ensures post-development water quality exceeds pre-development.

We understand the importance of post-development stormwater run-off being managed appropriately and it is always our goal to provide improved stormwater runoff outcomes. These can include options such as rainwater harvesting, attenuation basins, above ground tank systems, below ground cell systems, passive irrigation and onsite disposal.

Our team ensures proposed developments are constructed with care for the existing site and council wastewater infrastructure. We provide solutions for sewer attenuation system, pumps and onsite disposal systems.

We work alongside councils to understand network capacities and ensure available supply meet the demands of the proposed systems.

Siteworks projects we design range from large carparks, commercial and industrial developments, school redevelopments, residential and everything in between. Our solutions meet weathertightness requirements, comply with accessibility needs and, of course, are buildable.

We take pride in delivering a high level of documentation and detailing to ensure contractors, Quantity Surveyors and clients have certainty around costs and what is to be built. We are always striving to achieve economical and buildable solutions – so our clients obtain an optimal end product.

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