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Worcester Terrace, One Central

Sustainable luxury at the heart of every home
2022Year Completed
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Providing an upmarket oasis nestled between green space in metropolitan Christchurch is Worcester Terrace.

Powell Fenwick undertook Mechanical, Electrical, Fire, Civil, Hydraulic and Acoustic engineering services as well as Homestar Assessments for this Fletcher Living project. Consisting of 68 units including a range of one-, two- and three-bedroom townhouses and 2 bedroom apartments, the development is a part of the One Central initiative to showcase diverse urban regeneration and brings together homes which cater to a variety of residents.

A 6-star Homestar Built rating was achieved across all homes. Efficiencies were created through thermal building constructions, water fixtures, LED lighting and heat pump systems to reduce water and energy consumption.

Healthy and sustainable construction materials reduce impacts on occupants and the environment, while sustainable building project management systems and a Home User Guide were created. This educates residents on how to live in and maintain their home to maximise efficiency.

To allow for a staged handover and occupancy, three waters design was broken into three packages with downstream infrastructure commissioned and handed over prior to subsequent stages being connected.

A single trench serves as a combined pathway for all services to enable faster construction sequencing and a more economical approach. Working closely with Christchurch City Council, the design ensures receiving council infrastructure is not overloaded.

Nearby road traffic noise and central city zonings meant all bedrooms have strict acoustic insulation requirements to protect residents from noise when sleeping. This was achieved through enhancements such as laminate glazing and wall linings; ventilation systems were also incorporated so residents can sleep with windows closed.

To ensure amenity of neighbours and reduce next door noise, a review of hydraulic and mechanical services design was carried out which specified acoustic treatments to hydraulic systems.

With the design requiring close coordination with the architectural, structural and Fletcher Living design and construction teams, we believe the success of this collaboration is exemplified in the results.

Our portfolio of One Central designs doesn’t stop here, and we are proud to see it include other high-profile developments such as Liverpool Terraces, 212 Cashel Street and more.

Arch Award
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