St. David II Redevelopment

The St David II Redevelopment project consisted of an office fit-out of a vacant and previously strengthened existing building shell at the University of Otago campus. The building was internally demolished and strengthened as part of a previous project to accommodate the Department of Applied Sciences (services designs also completed by Powell Fenwick). However this project was cancelled in 2015 due to budget restrictions and subsequently the building was left empty for a number of years. The function of the St David II Redevelopment project was to provide decant office space suitable for a range of University tenants. Powell Fenwick was responsible for the Mechanical, Hydraulic and Civil services for this project.

The new fit-out consists of open plan office spaces, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and small kitchenettes.

Low temperature heating water produced from the site medium temperature heating water system via a heat exchanger is reticulated below ground to the St David II building. The low temperature heating water is reticulated throughout the St David II building to heat the occupied spaces using perimeter radiators, and serve hydronic fan coil units to provide tempered fresh air and air changes to the spaces.

A dedicated air source chiller produces chilled water which is reticulated throughout the building to partially cool the occupied spaces using the hydronic fan coil units and fresh air air-handling units. Mechanical fresh air is supplied in areas of occupancy to ensure a quality level of comfort, incorporating CO2 (air quality) sensors and control for energy efficiency. Many perimeter spaces have automated opening windows to also maximise natural ventilation and reduce energy consumption.

Domestic hot water is pre-heated using the wood-fired sourced central heating water system to reduce electricity usage.