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Ōpuke Pools

Proud to be the first thermal solar powered hot pools in the world
2021Year Completed
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A whopping 500 solar thermal panels power the picturesque Methven hot pools – a world first.

True to its promise, Ōpuke Thermal Pools and Spa really is “sourced from the mountains and powered by the sun”.

Our team provided the Mechanical, Fire, Hydraulic and Aquatic engineering design for the pools for Methven Adventures. Overlooked by the popular Mt Hutt Ski Area, the facility features three large pools, seven hot pools, a ‘crazy river’, plunge pool and six spa treatment rooms to go hand in hand with a cool day’s adventure on the slopes.

The facility uses water from the Rangitata Diversion Race, with the design completed to ensure water quality was maintained to the highest standards.

Ōpuke was designed to ‘buck the trend’ by following international pool water quality standards. As a result, all the hot pools have a half hour turnover rate.

With about 500 solar thermal panels providing most of the heating for the pools, there is ample ability to heat the pools naturally.

This is backed up with air source heat pumps to ensure a warm, relaxing experience for customers always, rain or shine.

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