Ara Kahukura

Powell Fenwick has recently completed the structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic engineering for Kahukura, the new Engineering and Architectural Studies Building.  Kahukura is located on the Moorhouse Ave and Barbadoes Street frontages, and therefore is a focal point of the campus and a building to reflect this was needed. Due to the site being within the operating campus, safety in design was crucial to ensure construction could be completed with a safe methodology.

Kahukura uses a variety of building materials and details to showcase the available options to the students. It utilises the most appropriate learning spaces, technology and sustainable design, including passive design with automated natural ventilation to extensive areas, rain water harvesting, and solar photo voltaic cells. This produces up to 40% of the buildings energy demands and feeds excess production into Ara’s own electrical grid to offset site baseload and associated electricity costs. LVL structural members, concrete and steel components and large expansive stairs and landings with shared light and open atrium spaces provide significant day-lighting for occupant comfort and reduced lighting energy consumption.

The project won Excellence and Best in Category in the Green Building Property award at the 2018 Property Council Awards.